From Private Label Shampoo To A Global Brand

Published: 04th March 2011
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Nowadays, anyone can open up a skin care or hair care company in as little as a month with a minimum investment of say, $2,000. All one has to do is find a good horse to ride, by ordering a sample kit from an online contract manufacturer offering private label shampoo or other products. Once the entrepreneur has approved product specifications and formulation, the next step would be ordering. The even better news is, for as little as 24 or 48 pieces, the manufacturer is ready to ship the order, regular or rush. For big orders, shipping might even come free.

The arduous, almost impossible method is to go to a reputable school in order to realize one’s lifelong dream of developing that magical formulation that everybody loves. One would major in cosmetology, dermatology, or pharmacology or any other related specialization. Of course, this includes studying diligently, countless sleepless nights but all these pale in comparison when compared to the magnitude of the student loans the individual will have racked up by the time the course is finished.

When all is said and done, there is still that business or marketing course to take in order to round up the learning. There is also the certification process to deal with, and after that a business plan to craft to impress investors. By this time, the struggling entrepreneur is more likely than not near the poverty line after struggling to pay off student loans. The credit cards would have been maxed out as well. Thus, for somebody who is out to start a line of beauty products, the journey has become very ugly.

Luckily, a shortcut exists that does wonders, minus the expenses and the danger of going for broke. Private label shampoo, or any private label product for that matter is the road to fame and fortune without having to reinvent the wheel. It is as simple as pointing at a product formulation on the Web and ordering a shipment based on what the businessperson can afford. Such path gives plenty of opportunity to test the market and to shift products on the fly depending on initial demand. It is starting up a turnkey business with all the bells and whistles and on top of it, one’s own name, or unique business label.

There is no need to run one’s own market and product tests. The private label skin and hair care manufacturing outfit can take care of this as well. The client may even tweak formulations and expect the outfit to run necessary tests without breaking the law or the bank. It is having one’s signature product at the drop of a hat. This gives the customer more time to concentrate on promotions, thereby boosting the likelihood of success. It is said that small businesses are quick to start and quick to fold up.

Relying on the expertise of a contract manufacturer offsets this possibility by minimizing one’s financial exposure and other risks. The latter is not even under any obligation or contract to order specific quantities over a period. However, he or she may want to set up a business website, which can be done free, equipped with an order and payment processing system or a merchant account. Of course, the contract manufacturer will leave it to the customer to handle this matter. In the meantime, that private label shampoo is a dream come true with the potential of becoming a global brand.

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